Pimple also known as acne vulgaris is a skin infection that affects most teenagers at the onset of puberty. The concluded activity of the sebaceous glands which is influenced by hormonal changes during puberty is the supreme reason that leads to the outbreak concerning pimples amid teenage boys and girls. The face becomes excessively oily attracting grime et al dirt attracting bacteria. Pimples can be of many types namely – blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, etc. Apart from over the counter medications there are many herbal products in the market today that will guidance you make fairer and pimple free skin. In the following section we have discussed some of them.

Herbal Products

1. Vicco Turmeric WSO – This cream contains turmeric powder and is helpful in the treatment of pimples and scars.

2. Kumkumadi Tailum – This attar contains saffron and has been used for years in Ayurveda for the treatment from pimples and scars. It helps to get fairer and pimple free skin

3. Biotique Myristica Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Face Pack – This spot application face pack contains effective herbal ingredients like Haldi, Jaiphal, Pippli, Geru, Multani Mitti, Kikkar and Gaund that helps in cut about redness and skin inflammation.

4. Bio Wintergreen Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream – This anti-acne cosmetic contains the essential oils of wintergreen leaves which contains methyl salicylate and gaultherilen. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are helpful in the treatment of pimples or acne.

5. Biotique Chlorophyll Fuel Free Anti Acne Gel – This anti acne gel contains herbal ingredients like seaweed, chlorophyll, sea algae, aloe vera and gum Arabic that tightens pores, helps clear skin blemishes and provides the much needed nourishment for rich skin. This is a great product to get fairer and pimple free skin.

6. Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti-Acne Face Mask – This anti-acne face mask contains effective natural ingredients like Indian Willow, Barbados Aloe, Turmeric which are effective in controlling pimples.

7. Himalaya Herbals Clarina Anti-Acne Cream – This pick contains efficient natural ingredients like Barbados Aloe, Almond, Indian Madder which is a incalculable product to get fairer and whelk free skin.

8. Golden Gleam Capsules – Regular intake of these capsules will help you get fairer und so weiter abscess free skin. It is an effective blend of natural ingredients like terminalia chebula, rubia cordifolia, exadirecta indica and rosa centifolla. It is completely safe.

9. Vita Medica – A nutritional supplement containing vitamin A (retinyl palmitate bonus Betatene) plus zinc, selenium and chromium, burdock, dandelion, oregon grape and yellow dock which controls outbreak of pimples and helps to get fairer and pimple free skin.

Hence we can conclude that the herbal products mentioned above volition help us to get fairer plus pimple free skin.