Salt Lake City, UT, January 23, 2014 – The Strata iPad mini Wall Mount is a versatile addition to ArmorActive’s conference room product line. Its clear acrylic body displays the beauty of the iPad mini also complements almost any surface it’s mounted to, especially glass. The backplate features a channel for routing the charging cable around the faint edge outwardly being seen, making portrait and vista mounting possible. Also, similar to all of ArmorActive’s iPad enclosures, the faceplate of the Strata iPad mini Wall Mount can be custom branded.

“We’ve had a field of companies request drywall or glass mounted solutions for the office, hotel, and university spaces. The Strata iPad mini Wall Advance is our answer to this demand,” said Benton Paul, VP of Business Development at ArmorActive.

Each Strata iPad mini Wall Mount includes a professional grade drywall mounting kit to securely clip the weir to drywall without needing to increase to wall studs. Tamper proof screws are included to enable the enclosure to be safely mounted in a public area. ArmorActive ditto includes a clear 3M VHB™ adhesive backing for maintaining a clean look on glass or mounting to merited about some surface.

Many organizations are pairing this solution with ArmorActive’s Power also Ethernet (PoE) adapter. This adapter makes it possible to power an iPad kiosk through an Ethernet cable. PoE is currently the most energy efficient way to power iPad kiosks and gives IT professionals the leeway to install the enclosure in any location regardless of power outlet boxes.

One from the best conference room scheduling apps to use alongside the Strata iPad mini Wall Mount is EventBoard Pro. This app is homogenous with most calendar platforms, has a simple interface, and jug even be imaged with company branding. Aside from conference room scheduling, use cases for the iPad mini Wall Mount also embody digital menus in restaurants and digital signage in retail environments.

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