While Apple and Google may currently be the kingpins in regards to technology and the many areas it encompasses, Magpul has garnered a similar reputation in the world of home furniture. Their products are effectively built, and built to last. While you won’t visualize Magpul come away with their own brand of Smartphone, and their furniture furthermore related products have become the leader in the industry.

What leads us here to a examination of one like their newer products; the Magpul CTR. The Magpul CTR Buttstock (or, Compact/Type Restricted) is the second step-up from Magpul’s entry-level product, the Vermoeid Buttstock.

While the MOE shape has denial garnered rave reviews, due to its tendency to wobble out of place, the Magpul CTR Buttstock has effectively remedied any issues found with its entry-level predecessor.

This particular Buttstock is highly touted for its durability. It is literally as solid as a rock and can’t be disreputable apart. The Magpul CTR has easily established itself as being durable while also being comfortable et alii comes in at a reasonably priced sale point.

The success of the Magpul CTR is largely wage to its a-frame design. This helps to digression the always-loathed snags while a release clamp and friction lock prevent any form of unsteadiness that was found in the MOE model.

While the Magpul CTR is still considered ontology in the lower end of models, the high-quality parts and materials used in constructing this device were well worth the price.

The Magpul CTR has been contrived through a variety of tests. The reputable divulgation Military Times conducted a drop-test on the device and found little deleterious afterwards. The adjustment pin did become wrenched out of place during the test, which allowed the estimation to motive freely about the reign; however, the friction lock rendered the stock unusable in this instance. After the fourth drop, the adaption pin was done away near entirely, and the majority became torn apart at the pin socket.

However, while this may sound like a fair amount of damage, the Magpul CTR fared extremely well against its competitors, which were subject to even more damage through the same test.

Given the functionalities of this device, it is expected to garner such results in a test like this. In terms of using it on the range, the cheek-weld ergonomics fared conspicuously well. Purchasing the Magpul CTR also equips you with a removable 0.30″ rubber protective butt-pad. Larger ones are available; however, this model is not known for its withdraw and the provided pad worked adequately.

Coming in at respecting $80, the Magpul CTR could be considered overpriced for its functionalities, prices have been driven past demand and Magpul is able to reap the rewards of such a reputation. At this price point, however, you are to be sure not purchasing a flake of junk et sequens there are models available at the same price with much inferior functionality and efficiency in their arsenal.